"Being presented with the right candidate is very important to me, as it saves me a lot of time sorting people out. I am very happy with your service."

Allan Ramson, AMPcontrol

Interview tips

1.  Prepare by reading application letter, CV and being clear on what you are looking for in a candidate

2.  Put the candidate at ease by a bit of small talk

3.  Ask open questions – i.e. how, what, etc.

4. Situation questions can give you a good idea on how someone really acts in the workplace

5.  Listen and observe!

6. Let the candidate do most of the talking.

7. End the interview by explaining the position

Finally… if the candidate has gone through interviews with us we will have scrutinized them and the relevant questions will have been answered – then it’s just about you meeting them and deciding whether you’d like to be working with them.