"Being presented with the right candidate is very important to me, as it saves me a lot of time sorting people out. I am very happy with your service."

Allan Ramson, AMPcontrol


Real, thorough, local, cost effective - making sure you hire right !   

The rightstaff is a recruiting consultancy. We follow a thorough best practice recruitment process – the point of difference we offer you is:

  • A range of recruitment services to suit any situation and budget
  • Meticulous assessment process of candidates, helping you make the right employment decision with confidence
  • Consultants with solid business understanding, experienced both as recruiters and employers/managers of people
  • In-house knowledge to consult on recruitment and employment matters like effective job descriptions, personal/team profiling, employee surveys or salary reviews

What does this mean for you? You’ll find a capable and committed partner for all your permanent, contract or  key roles who understands your requirements and on whose open communication you can count on.

Below are the services we can offer you.  If you would like more details about each of these services please scroll down the page to read a more in-depth description of each service. 

  • Management/Executive Appointments
  • Full Recruits
  • Short List Service
  • Candidate Evaluations
  • Engagement Surveys
  • Salary Reviews

In a nutshell we are a local, multi talented company offering you customised recruitment solutions using insight and fresh perspectives.

Ways we can work with you…..


NZD 8,500 - 12,500+GST

Executive Appointments – Middle Management to GM - Are you appointing a role where it is key to find the perfect match? We handle the recruiting campaign online and in newspapers and use our own local contacts to identify contenders for your role. We further handle all candidate inquiries, screening, interviewing, personal profiling, detailed background and reference checking.  We will organize final interviews with you, assist with job offer/negotiations and conduct in-depth follow ups with you and candidate.  (Includes 3 month guarantee on our work)


NZD 5,500 - 8,500+GST

Full Recruits – Experienced staff, qualified and specialist roles - No time to recruit? No In-house HR? Need to recruit confidentially? We advertise and contact candidates from our large database, handle all candidate inquiries, screening, interviewing, detailed background and reference checking.  We’ll organise final interviews with you, assist with job offer/negotiations and conduct in-depth follow ups with you and candidate.  (Includes 3 month guarantee on our work)


NZD 2,800 to 3,800 +GST

Shortlist Service - Tight budget but like some help with advertising and countless applications? Need multiple employees in the same role? Let us do the “leg work” for you.  We advertise for you, deal with all candidate inquiries, phone interview and hand you the shortlist for you to interview and reference check yourself.

Below NZD 2,000 +GST

Candidate Evaluations - You have candidates from advertising or internal staff in mind for a role? Not sure they're the right ones? You need a third party involved for a fair and impartial decision?  We interview candidates, reference check and assess for your role.

Behavioural Profiles - Non performing employees? Unsettled team? Have teams assessed (E-DISC) and improve performance and team work drastically.

Engagement Surveys - How is your team performing?  Are they fully engaged or looking to find a new job? What retention can you expect?  Find out where your team is at; see what turnover/retention is expected in months ahead as well as seeing what areas can be improved for retention.  We’ll hand out all forms confidentially and provide you with a summary delivered with observations and recommendations.

Salary Reviews - Employees asking for more pay? Review time coming up? Wonder where your salaries sit in the market?  You provide us with a job description and we will give you a salary review based on what we see daily in the market.

Free of cost for you:

Tips on Workplace and Interviewing - Not sure what are the best interview questions? We have useful tips for you to use next time you are interviewing for your next role.